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Why online expo need time to research ad organize?

The exhibition is a complex device that locates in a visual reading model, establishing connections and associations that facilitate a perceptive learning but that also foster an intellectual knowledge. The presentation of Thailand online expo allow you to reflect on the meaning that the exhibition should take, as well as illustrating the role of the museum and cultural institutions with respect to heritage.

An exhibition is supported by research that provides knowledge and historical review, but also conservation and appreciation of heritage. In a moment in which from the public and political instances culture is mistreated as if it were mere leisure while permanently demanding a show that sells popularity as a method of success for its self-financing, research becomes a weapon of resistance against to banality.

Why important to take part?

Online expo brings to its visitors the Business Talks where those interested can experience the newest products, and services in architecture and decoration, as well as learn about the different trends in decoration given by the participating companies. It will bring together the most representative professionals and representatives of the sector and will be able to establish contacts with a significant number of potential consumers and buyers in a short period of time. It will allow you to exhibit and demonstrate your products and will know the current offer more in depth, as well as reinforcing your image as a company and the reliability of your products.

Need your own expo?

In the first place ask yourself the question of the maturity of your work – is it ready to be shown to the public? Then do you have enough material to “do work”? Does your artistic approach make sense? That is to say is there matter to develop a reflection in the viewer? How does your practice fit into the artistic field and the history of art?

If you have answers to these questions then prepare a complete file. No need to make a “luxurious” file, most of the time the files remain several months at the gallery before being examined or returned. Print several and keep under the elbow to ship quickly if asked. No need to make a pad, the records must remain easily reviewable.

Manage entire expo

Privilege a paper book, the galleries is not com ‘agencies, a business card with a simple URL will have much less weight than the paper folder. Then and perhaps most importantly – find out about places that might expose you, no need to solicit places for which your type of work does not correspond to their line of programming. There is nothing more annoying than having artists on the web who know a gallery only the name.