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Various types of Machinery used for excavating on construction site

The types of machines that are good at excavator Singapore or anywhere else in the world depend on the scope of the project. This excavation equipment can either be used in a particular type of situation or they are common in all situations.

Let’s have a look at all these excavation pieces of equipment found at a construction site.

The various types of excavation equipment used in projects are –

  1. Tractors

This is one of the most important excavation equipment for earth movement. Tractors convert engine energy into stronger and excavatable tractive energy. Tractors usually run on a diesel engine.

  1. Power Shovels

Shovels that are powered by engine and diesel are power shovels. These huge machines are used to excavate all classes of earth, only except the rocky regions. Post excavating, these shovels, load the contents into wagons after which they are mounted on crawless tracks. Power shovels consists of a boom, mounting, cab, hoist line and a dipper stick.

  1. Bull Dozers

Bulldozers are high power tractors and are attached with caterpillars, (no, not the breathing ones), or crawler tracks. They are then fitted with mouldboard or a blade at the front portion of the dozer, these blades can strip the excavation up to a depth of 400mm.

  1. Angle Dozers

Angle Dozers are another monstrous machines that you find at an excavation site, these have huge blades attached on one side of the tractor, at a special angle of 90 degrees with respect to the longitudinal length of the dozer. Their feature is that they push material from one side to the other, from right to left.

  1. Scrapers

This is the most self-sufficient machine that you will find at an excavation site. They can load, dig, haul and then even discharge the material in a thick layer which is symmetrically uniform.

  1. Draglines

Draglines is that excavation equipment that are used to excavate only the soft earth from the ground and then that earth is loaded into wagons for further processing.

  1. Clamshell

This one is another monstrous excavation machine that you find either in the factories where they are manufactured or at an excavation site. Clamshell has two buckets which have two halves and they are hinge-joined together at the top. Now, these bucket halves can be attached to the shovel-crane units and they can also be attached to the boom of a dragline.

Clamshell excavates only soft to medium earth and also the loose material from below the surface of the ground.

  1. Backhoe

This monstrous machine is a hydraulic excavator and it has a bucket attached to the boom which is hydraulically controlled. This excavation bucket moves backward and downward direction during the excavation.

However, people use this machine to excavate below the surface of the earth so that they can keep very precise control of the excavation at close range work.