9 Styles Of Blog Article Your Business Can Share

Your business blog is one of the most powerful tools for communicating with business prospects who visited your website.

It is a representation of your brand and also is the key opportunity to share detailed information across the wider areas of your services. You can hone in on segments and also optimise for search engine results to track and identify more website visitors.

To keep your blog content fresh and versatile, here are some styles which you can consider implementing to your marketing plan.

1. Product Features

This is one of the styles of creating blog posts for your B2B business website. Product or service features are included in the content. It is done in such a way that it makes it easy for the users to relate things, find the features useful and products helpful for their needs. It is an effective style which increases sales.

2. How To’s and Tutorials 

Next type or style of blog you can try is to write how to’s and tutorials. In this style, the content addresses user issues, guides them on using products, using features and other guides. These blogs are really helpful in attracting users only if they provide quality information and solve complex problems. 

3. Case Studies/Whitepapers 

Case studies are reports validated with successful examples. For example, for a B2B business blog, the site can write on how a certain product proved useful for another business and helped it make more earnings. Other examples of this nature will be great to write blogs and generate traffic from search engines as well as social media sites. 

4. Review Blog Posts

Writing blogs with review concept is also an effective way to create blog posts. There are two types of reviews; straight review or a product and comparison based review posts. Whatever option you choose, you have a great way to impress the users with your product. However, you should be honest and straight in writing product reviews. 

5. Guides/Articles 

Guides are also a decent idea when it comes to writing website blogs. In guides and articles, you can discuss some important issues. Provide users with information on choosing products, using features, getting tips and tricks and such other issues. 

6. Controversial Posts

Not many people believe in this style of blogs. But they generate amazing results. According to this approach, you will be writing on some controversial topics. For example, if you sell gadgets or devices, you can write on the dangers of the tech devices. It is though against the basic idea but it helps in bringing more traffic to the website.

7. Infographics

There are a number of ways to meet the content needs through blogs. Infographic is the next method in our list of blog styles. In infographics, you create image based content on some very important, sensitive and informative topics. It doesn’t have much content but offers accurate information, guides and interesting statistics. 

8. Interviews/Videos

Many people also prefer interview style blog content. In this option, they interview the most influential people in their niche. The interview or videos are then shared with content on the blog section. It is further shared on social sites where B2B business can divert traffic to its website.

9. Blog Series 

Sometimes, an idea or topic cannot be covered in a single blog post. For example, if you are writing on big data and its use in healthcare, you will have to create a series of blogs. For the similar topics, you should generate useful content and provide users with valuable information.